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Click a thumbnail to open the full size image. With javascript enabled, you can also hover on a thumbnail to tile its image as the current background. Move the mouse outside the thumbnail to reset the background to the default.

Some of the PNG backgrounds have transparent elements, meaning that their appearance will change depending on what color canvas they are drawn on. Using transparency this way provides the ability to recolor the background on the fly by setting a new canvas color.

If a background does not tile fluidly, it might not be meant to. On the other hand, sometimes there are accidental seams. When in doubt, compare what it looks like with and without tessellation.

Certain adjacent backgrounds may look identical, but if you look closely you will see minor variations through the series.

Brushed Metal

Gray Angled Gray Straight Turquoise


Basic Illusion Ripple Textured


Mosaic 1 Mosaic 2 Mosaic 3 Mosaic 4 Mosaic 5 Recolorable 1 Recolorable 4 Recolorable 6

Gradient Flare

Pyramid Pyramid Tiled Smooth Cross Vortex Vortex Tiled


Clone Sea 1 Clone Sea 2 Clone Sea 3 Clone Sea 4 Clone Sea 5 Crescent Reflection Dark Stream 1 Dark Stream 2 Dignity Cloth Dignity Mosaic Dignity Ripple Dignity Stone Impressioned 1 Impressioned 2 Segasis 1 Segasis 2 Segasis 3 Shadow Blue 1 Shadow Blue 2


Storm Rising Storm Submerged 1 Storm Submerged 2 Storm Submerged 3 Storm Surfaced Turbulence 1 Turbulence 2


Dvwy Ntrk Pbxh Qcte


Square Eye


Fluid 1 Fluid 2

Star System



smA1 smA2 smB1 smB2 smC1 smC2 smC3 smC4 smC5 smC6 smD1 smD2 smE1 smE2 smE3 smE4 smF1 smF2 smF3 smG1 smG2 smH1 smH2 smH3 smI1 smI2 smI3 smI4 smI5 smJ1 smJ2 smJ3 smJ4


Cracked 1 Cracked 2 Cracked 3 Cracked 4 Cracked 5 Cracked 6 Cracked 7 Simblu Mosaic Simblu Painted Simblu Tiled Simpur

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