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General Site Questions

Who owns and operates this site?

The webmaster and proprietor is Bryan Hill, commonly identified by the alias 'kagerato'.

How do I contact you?

Communication details are given on the Contact Page.

What is the purpose of this site?

It's a platform for distributing both free and commercial works.

How do you pronounce 'kagerato'?

For those of you who know some Japanese, it's pronounced much as the romanization would indicate. For those of you who don't, it's pronounced "KAH-geh-LAH-to". That is high-pitch KA, low-pitch GE, high-pitch RA, low-pitch TO. For further guidance, the 'ka' is like the ca in "car", 'ge' like the ga in "gate", 'ra' like the la in "llama", and 'to' like the to in "toe".

What does 'kagerato' mean?

Nothing. It's an invented sequence of syllables designed to be unique. (Note that 'kage' does mean "shadow" in Japanese. This has led some to create speculative or ad-hoc meanings.)